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Yamunotri Tour - Yamunotri Tour Package - Yamunotri Yatra
Duration: 4 Nights / 5 Days

Yamunotri is in Uttarakhand and it is the source of river Yamuna and the main seat of goddess Ganga. It is located about 3,293 meters in Garhwalrwal Himalayas in the north of Uttarkashi. In Yamunotri Tour, you can see a part of Chota Chardham pilgrimage. The main reason for the people to visit this place is the goddess Yamuna and the holy thermal spring in Janki Chatti. Yamunotri temple was built by Maharaja Rana Pratap Shah of Tehri Garhwali.

Yamunotri yatra is one of the holiest and pious tours for washing away all the sins in front of goddess Yamuna. This temple gets open in the month of May and it remains open till Diwali. The timing is 6 pm to 8 pm. The visitor can also see the Aarti and the Aarti timing is 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Yamunotri tour Package is economical and it can be afforded by all the persons. Most of the visitor visit this place to see only the famous event i.e. Aarti. A visitor visits this place prior to Gangotri temple. In day 1 go to Haridwar from Delhi. In day 2, move to Barkot from Haridwar and check in a hotel. In day 3 after having breakfast drive to Janki Chatti and from there do trekking for going to Yamunotri and visit the temple. In day 4 come back to Barkot from Janki Chatti. In day 5, travel to Haridwar from Barkot. In day 6 after completing your tour come back to Delhi.

Everyone will like to make trips along the rivers. In India, each and every place is enriched with the pristine natural beauty. The clean water of the age-old rivers of India clamored by the beauty of flora and fauna is extremely unbeatable. Tourists will like to savor the calm and serene beauty of the nature surrounding the places of Yamunotri. The Yamunotri trip will make the tourists amazed with the natural beauty and will fall in love with the roaring sound of the rippling water flowing through the Yamunotri. The mesmerizing beauty of nature just makes one feel elated. It is a major chance to share some thoughts with nature. The package tour will help to briefly elaborate the facts encompassing the holy shrines and the places of that particular locality. One will surely enjoy the trip by cheering some good memories.

The sacred journey of the Yamunotri Tour Package will be of five days.

Yamunotri Tour Package (4 Nights / 5 Days)

Day 01: Delhi to Haridwar (230km/6hrs)
The journey will start from Delhi to Haridwar. Delhi being the place of center, one can save time to start the journey from Delhi. Scores of travelers will arrive at Delhi to travel to Haridwar.

Day 2 : Haridwar - Syanachatti (240kms/7hr)
The journey of the second-day wills include from Haridwar to Syanachatti. Haridwar being the holy shrine of Hindus, thousands of gathering take place amidst the river banks and the river banks get spruced up for devotees. Devotees can find the destination of peace and tranquility. Travelling from Haridwar to Syanachatti will make the tourists amazed by the scenic beauty.

Day 03: Synachatti - Yamunotri - Syanachtti (12kms drive and 7 Kms trek each side)
The third-day journey will start from Syanachatti to Yamunotri. Syanachatti being the abode of devotees surely gives a break from the hectic life. A large amount of fresh air can make people energetic. It is the perfect spot for spending some time with family, to do adventurous stuff such as trekking. It also serves as the spot to plan for a honeymoon. In Yamunotri, people remain engrossed with nature and are able to make some memories of Suryakund.

Day 04: Syanachatti - Hardwar (240kms/7hr)
The fourth day will be from Yamunotri to Haridwar. Tourists can take dips in the holy rivers to make them purified. The places bearing abundant natural beauty surely makes the tourists elated.

Day 05: Haridwar - Delhi (230kms/6hr)
The fifth day of the journey is from Haridwar to Delhi. It will be little sad to travel along the same path.

The Yamunotri tour package will be able to keep the tourists engaged with some good memories.

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