Teen Dham Yatra

Teen Dham Yatra - Teen Dham Tour Packages - Teen Dham Yatra Itinerary
Duration: 9 Nights / 10 Days

Teen Dham Yatra Gangotri Kedarnath Badrinath - Gangotri Kedarnath Badrinath Yatra Package

GANGOTRI KEDARNATH BADRINATH YATRA is also known as Teen Dham yatra. All the Hindu people must visit this Dham once at their lifetime for clearing all the committed sins. Lord Shiva, goddess Ganga, and Lord Vishnu are worshipped in these three Dhams. These Dhams are located in Uttarakhand in north India.

Whether the traveler is a Hindu pilgrim or religious minded once they visit these Dhams they become totally speechless by seeing the god which are worshipped in the Dhams. People prefer to visit Yamunotri at first and then Gangotri and after that Kedarnath. There is a fixed time for this temple. The Kedarnath temple does not remain open all over the year because of the bad weather climate.

In teen Dham tour package you will be provided with best hotels and food facility will be available to all the visitors. Teen Dham yatra package can be booked from Delhi.

In day one you will be taken to Haridwar from Delhi and you will be moved to Uttarkashi on the next day i.e. day 2. In day 3 you will be visiting Gangotri and then again come back to Uttarkashi. In day 4 the visitor will be driven to Rudraprayag fro9m Uttarkashi. In day 5 you will be taken to Kedarnath and in day 6 you will be taken to Yamunotri. In day 7, from Yamunotri to Uttarkashi. In day 8 visitor will reach Haridwar in day 9 visitor will come back to Delhi after washing all the sins.

Gangotri Kedarnath Badrinath Tour Package (9 Nights/ 10 Days)

Trips help to connect people and give an opportunity to explore the unknown. The unknown and the untold stories become known through the facts of traveling. The traveling of holy places is becoming much more exciting with the aid of package trip. Every year, scores of people make their journey to the abode of Gangotri Kedarnath, located in the foothills of the Himalayan range. The warmth of the sun rays and the cascading river flowing alongside the range will make enchant people and will have good impacts on the lives of people. The pilgrimage package will consist of few places namely Delhi, Haridwar, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Kedarnath, Badrinath. The ten days package tour will unravel new stories and wrap it in fresh flavors of spiritualism

The journey will start according to the travel plan.

Day 01 : Delhi – Haridwar (230 kms / 6hrs)
The first day of the journey will be from Delhi to Haridwar. Delhi being the commercial hub connects people easily. Few hours journey will make the people happy. The long drive will carry people elsewhere.

Day 02 : Haridwar - Uttarkashi (230kms / 8hr)
The second-day journey will be from Haridwar to Uttarkashi. Night Halt.

Day 03 : Uttarkashi - Gangotri - Uttarkashi (100kms / 3hr each side)
The third-day journey will follow the route of Uttarkashi-Gongotri-Uttarkashi.

Day 04 : Uttarkashi - Rudraprayag (175kms / 6hr)
The fourth-day journey will be from Uttarkashi- Rudraprayag. The splendid natural beauty will keep tourists engrossed in observing the calm and serene beauty.

Day 05 : Rudraprayag - Kedarnath (75kms by road and 14kms Trek)
The fifth-day journey will be from Rudraprayag to Kedarnath. The pristine beauty and the beautiful surroundings just make it memorable. Night halt.

Day 06 : Kedarnath - Rudraprayag (14Kms Down Trek and 75kms / 3hr by Road)
the sixth day will follow by making the return journey and it will be observed along the route of Kedarnath- Rudraprayag.

Day 07 : Rudraprayag - Badrinath (165kms / 7hr)
The journey will be from Rudraprayag to Badrinath. The pilgrims will fall love by observing the beautiful decorations and the neatness of the Shivalingam temples. The mesmerizing beauty will throw some power that is to be nurtured and enjoyed. The tourists remain busy in shopping the local commodities and some remain engaged in interacting with local people.

Day 08 : Badrinath - Rudraprayag(165kms / 7hr)
The eight day of the travel will be from Badrinath to Rudraprayag. It is just another step to the deity of Lord Shiva.

Day 09 : Rudraprayag - Haridwar (165kms / 7hr)
The ninth day of the journey will be from Rudraprayag to Haridwar. It is the time to connect minds to gods and goddesses.

Day 10 : Haridwar - Delhi(250kms / 7hr)
last day of the journey will be from Haridwar to Delhi.

One will surely love to visit each temple depicting different historical facts.

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