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Yamunotri temple

Yamuna’s place of origin is called Yamunotri. Its source is a wet lake of snow which comes out of Kalindi Mountains and is glacier or Champasar glacier. The biggest feature of the Yamuna is that there is a confluence of streams of cold and hot water. These flow with the sound of the streams. Where they meet, it is a narrow place. On the same narrow place, the statue of the black marble of Yamuna Devi is established. Whose glory is described in the Vedas, Puranas? The Yamuna is considered to be the daughter of Sun and Yama is the son of the Sun.Isliya Hindu religion is called Yama and Yamuna Bhai Sisters in Gantho. It is believed that on the occasion of Bhai Duj, Human beings do not fear Yama. There is also the law of worship of Yama in the Yamunotri temple. After the end of Mahabharata, Pandavas donated the body here for the peace of the souls of their relatives who died in the war, so here is the law of mass donation. The glory of this temple is also found in the Puranas. This stream, which is derived from the Kalind Mount, i.e. the Yamuna is also known as Kalindi. The Salkind and Saturn Sarovar are also located on the Kalind mountain. The Yamuna is considered to be the daughter of the sun in the Puranas. The sun had two wives, shadows and nouns, from which there were four children named the Yamuna, Yama Shani Dev, and Vaivasvat Manu. That is why the Yamuna is called Yama and Saturn’s sister. It is also believed that on the second day the Yamuna should be bathed in the Yamuna. There is no fear of death due to famine. In Kathakali, there is an old temple of Shani Dev which has a special religious significance. The Mahatmya of Yamuna Dham has been acknowledged by all the people in the Hindu religion. After bathing in the Yamuna, all sin was deterred by visiting the temple of Kharsali. Yamunotri is not only religious but also beautiful in nature. In the sources of hot water, the Sun is an important place of the Kunda. Its water is so hot that people bake rice and potatoes in bamboo and give pulses in it. The devotees who take the form of Prasad. On the contrary, the water of the Saptarishi Kund is very frosty. In it, the beauty of the blossoming lotus is supernatural, but due to the path being inaccessible it is difficult to reach there. In addition, Vishnukunda, Divya Shila Janki Chatti, etc. also come in the sights.

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