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Narasimha Temple

This temple is located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. The area is considered as an area of Joshimath. In this, the worship of the Narasimha Avatar of Lord Vishnu is worshipped. This idol of Narsingh is made of Shigram stone. According to many other beliefs, It is assumed. This statue was constructed by Shankaracharya in the 8th century. In many places, its evidence is also found. Idols of Badrinath Kuber and Uddh are also established in the Narasimha Dev temple. Statues of Lord Rama, Sita, Hanuman and on the other side of the temple are carved idols of Mother Chandika on one side of Narasimha Dev. Narasimha Deity is considered to be the incarnation of Vishnu in Hinduism. There is a story behind this, Kashyap had two sons named Rishi Hiranya and Hiranyakshipu. After the death of Hirayaksha, Hiranyakashipu gave the austerity of Brahma. Brahma was pleased with his hard penance. Hiranyakashipu asked for welfare that man, animal, the man could not kill any land or sky, day or night, evening or morning weapon or weapon. By taking a boon from Brahma, he took possession of heaven. Goddesses prayed and then Lord Vishnu had to take the incarnation of Narasimha. Finally, the wicked Hiranyakshipu could be killed.

A recognition (एक मान्यता)

A hand of Narasimha idol is especially thin, on the day that the dilapidated hands will collapse, the path of Badrinath shrine will be blocked on that day, then people will be able to visit Badrinath only in the future Badri.

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