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Badrinath Temple

This temple is famous as the four Dhams of Hindus.A variety of beliefs are famous among scholars or historians regarding its establishment. In this temple, the Badrinarayana form of Lord Vishnu is worshiped. It is also mentioned in Skanda Purana, Vishnupuran and Mahabharata. The eight such statues of Vishnu have mentioned in the scriptures which themselves have their own form. The idols installed in this temple are considered to be one of them.

There are also many opinions that the Buddhist followers had flown it in the river Alkhananda which got Shankaracharya. This is a meter long statue of Shaligram which is worshiped here under the name of Badrinath. According to many assumptions, this temple was formerly a monastery of the Buddhists. It later changed into a temple. The reason behind this opinion is the architecture of the temple. Its main entrance, its arched windows, the Buddhist monasteries There are three main parts of the gravity, the hall, and the Mandal Mandap. The figures on the walls of the scenery are beyond the understanding of the common man.

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